Our Bark Stops Their Bite!

How did they get here?

The First Thing You Need to Know is That

Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs.

They are not partial to whether your home is clean or dirty. They are blood-sucking parasites and anyone with blood running through their veins is susceptible to getting bed bugs.

Here are some of the most common ways people unknowingly acquire bed bugs.
As you will see, bed bugs can come from anywhere at any time!

It is well known that bed bugs are found in even the most expensive of hotels. Whenever there is high traffic areas, bed bugs can show up.

Bed bugs are opportunists and will hitch a ride on luggage or personal items without you knowing. Airplanes, buses, taxis, limos and other public transportation vehicles are places where bed bugs frequent and are picked up.

Everyone loves a bargain and used or secondhand furniture, clothing or other items could very well be the source of a bed bug problem. If you should find a great bargain and want it checked for bed bugs before you move it into your home, you can call on us!

Dorms across the nation are increasingly being affected with bed bugs. Students coming home from college may bring them from school or from their travels. Younger students in grammar and high school can inadvertently bring a bed bug home on their backpacks or clothing.

Often people pick up bed bugs on their way to a family or friends home or they may have them at home, not know it, and not be affected by their bites.
Families with children or young adults that have sleepovers can risk getting bed bugs from those who bring overnight bags, pillows, and or other items brought to their homes.

A common way for you to get bed bugs is from the child that may have bed bugs at home but their parents can’t afford a professional so they are treating themselves.

The large number of people coming and going cause a potential bed bug problem in theaters.

Bed bugs are showing up in work environments across the nation. They are being found in many places in offices, cubicles, on chairs, in lockers, meeting and convention rooms.

Again, bed bugs frequent anywhere in high traffic areas, and these places house many people coming and going all day long.

They have been found in returned items and dressing rooms in stores and booths in restaurants.

Whether you buy or rent, bed bugs can be in the dwelling you are considering moving into or have already moved into.

Senior care facilities and environments have many visitors daily, which causes a dramatic increase in bed bugs.

Many women take care of working women’s children in their homes. Because the children stay all day and usually take naps, it provides a perfect environment for bedbugs. They can be brought in on diaper bags or other items and spread to others.

No matter who, what, where or when, we are here to help you find the problem and assist you through education to get rid of them as soon as possible.

With our busy lives it’s hard to know exactly where the bed bugs came from. We can assume, but pointing fingers or blaming someone is fruitless because anyone can fall victim. Maybe the person who brought them to your home didn’t even know they had them.

What are Some Ways to Prevent Getting Bugs?

  • Education

  • Awareness

  • Vigilance

The frequently of attacks from bedbugs are growing at alarming rates and the best way to stop this is to have the necessary knowledge of prevention.
We have an array of educational materials to help you, your family and friends. Just ask!
Prevention and suppression starts at home and is shared with other family members, friends and co-workers.

What Now?

The most important thing to do right away is to find out where they are hiding in your home and get rid of them before an infestation builds and increases your ability to spread them to someone else. I’m sure you wouldn’t want others pointing their finger at you.

Spend time on our bed bug info pages and learn as much as you can about their nature and where they hide; and should you suspect bed bugs, give us a call so we can pinpoint the areas of concern.

We are here to help and give you peace of mind!

Call us at  (913) 308-6555 or contact us now!


Residential Service

We offer one-time or regular early bedbug detection services for those who travel or have frequent visitors or large families.

Real Estate Service

If you’re a realtor, property manager or owner, we inspect:

  • When a tenant moves out
  • Before closing escrow
  • In-between renters
  • During regular inspections for multi-unit properties

Why Choose Seek K-9 Detection Group?


We are Accurate

Studies show that human inspection accuracy is 33%. Canine inspection accuracy is 97%. Dogs can even find bed bugs inside furniture, behind baseboards and walls and other places where people could never see. Our technicians verify all finds personally.


We are Fast

We can complete inspections in minutes vs hours taken for human inspections. We get in and out before the human inspectors can complete 1 room.


We are Professionals

who are committed to helping you protect your Image and reputation. We are discreet and confidential.

Bed Bugs Hide, We Seek!

Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection.

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