Our Bark Stops Their Bite!

Human Detection vs Canines







For home inspections, dogs are 97% effective, while humans are only 30% effective, so the choice is clear.
Our goal is to discreetly arrive and complete the job without interruption to your business or home.
Our hard-working detection canines can offer you the peace of mind that you deserve.

  • How do they do it?

    A canine’s olfactory acuity is far superior to humans. It is estimated that one/eighth of the dog’s brain is committed to olfaction with over 220 million olfactory cells compared to five-million in humans.

  • When Time Matters?

    Minutes vs. Hours
    A trained bed bug professional may detect bed bugs for a living but they must find actual live bed bugs and/or eggs. Evidence of shed skins and/or fecal stains will compel them to search further to find the live bed bugs. This laborious project can take hours and hours of searching and not turn up one sign whereas the dogs sweep through in record speed.

    The goal of a detection dog team is to minimize expenses and reduce the inconvenience of finding, controlling, and eliminating bed bugs from homes or businesses.

    Because these dogs are significantly more accurate than humans are, using our bed bug detection dogs, will target bed bug activity and if using chemicals, will help to reduce the amount of pesticides application during treatments. This also is important in preventing the build-up of pesticides that cause resistance issues as well.

  • Scenting Endurance

    Just like any athlete that trains and works regularly, we maintain a training program to keep their high level of scenting endurance. We spend countless hours every day concentrating our dogs on the scent and numerous hours weekly keeping them in shape. Not only are we certified dog/handler teams, our handlers are also certified dog trainers and spend time each week training obedience and scent dogs.

  • Benefits of a Bed Bug Detection Dog vs. Human detection

    • Proven and trusted – our canines work for praise, reward, and pleasure.
    • No need to tear an environment apart
    • Can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs – (critical for lowering costs)
    • Faster and far more accurate than human inspection
    • Cost effective – a single bed bug detection dog can search many rooms in a single day
    • Follow-up for post treatment to make sure all bed bugs are eliminated
    • Peace of Mind – Research supports that if the dog finds bed bugs, there is a high statistical probability you should investigate further. If the dog does not find bed bugs, you can know with greater certainty that your home, office, or school is clear from bed bugs.

Why Choose Seek K-9 Detection Group?


We are Accurate

Studies show that human inspection accuracy is 33%. Canine inspection accuracy is 97%. Dogs can even find bed bugs inside furniture, behind baseboards and walls and other places where people could never see. Our technicians verify all finds personally.


We are Fast

We can complete inspections in minutes vs hours taken for human inspections. We get in and out before the human inspectors can complete 1 room.


We are Professionals

who are committed to helping you protect your Image and reputation. We are discreet and confidential.

Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection.

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