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Puppies Simon and Rowdy

Rowdy and Simon are specially trained Labrador Retrievers who have grown up in a training environment since birth. They love to find bed bugs! They know how to locate the scent of live bedbugs and viable eggs while ignoring dead carcasses and non-viable eggs. This is particularly important when determining if treatments have ben successful. No one wants a dog indicating the presence of bed bugs when they have already been successfully treated.  While they are certified experts, our dogs continuously train to keep sharp and on top of their game. As certified national dog trainers, we are able to continuously train and develop dogs while many other companies see their dogs accuracy decline over time. We test with the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

Bed Bug Dog training is similar to a bomb or drug detection dog, except they are trained to sniff out bedbugs to earn their rewards. They are part of a team – certified by NESDCA and there is no better way to determine where these pests are than NESDCA trained and certified bedbug canine teams.

Our Handlers

Mike and Lab


Rob and Sadie


Our handlers, Rob and Mike have extensive training. Hours of practice are required of each handler with each dog before they certify with NESDCA and are allowed on the job. Why NESDCA certification? Their certification is the most difficult to pass. It’s as simple as that. If you are going to employ the most accurate methods of detecting bed bugs, Seek K-9 Detection Group is the best of the best.

Mike is a graduate of the Tom Rose School, STSK9 University, Michael Ellis Professional School, Logan Haus School, and the world-renowned NePoPo School of Professional dog training in Belgium. Mike also continued to further his education by receiving a Masters of Business Administration with honors. As a former collegiate athlete, police officer and decorated United States military commissioned officer he embodies a commitment to excellence and integrity which is the foundation in which he leads Seek K-9 Detection Group.

Most notably, Mike served both his community and country with valor by serving as a Police Officer and Army Captain Combat Veteran for over a decade. With his wealth of dog training experience and Police/Military experience, Mike went on to establish Seek K-9 Detection Group.

Rob is a scientist and master educator. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Biology, focusing on entomology. He provides the science behind Seek K-9 Detection Group. Knowing everything about bed bugs is important when people are depending on you to help them. This is especially true when applying the methodology required to seek and identify a bed bug problem before it becomes an infestation. Rob’s 2 Master’s degrees in Education and Leadership have assisted Seek K-9 Detection Group in developing training curriculum and the strategic methods of scanning and detection.

Our leadership team and methodologies are unmatched when it comes to bed bug detection services.

*More Information about NESDCA standards: http://www.nesdca.com/


Why Choose Seek K-9 Detection Group?


We are Accurate

Studies show that human inspection accuracy is 33%. Canine inspection accuracy is 97%. Dogs can even find bed bugs inside furniture, behind baseboards and walls and other places where people could never see. Our technicians verify all finds personally.


We are Fast

We can complete inspections in minutes vs hours taken for human inspections. We get in and out before the human inspectors can complete 1 room.


We are Professionals

who are committed to helping you protect your Image and reputation. We are discreet and confidential.

Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection.

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