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Bed Bugs Hide, We Seek!

SEEK K-9 Dogs Detect

Live Bed Bugs and Eggs Within Minutes

We provide the Midwest with exceptional and confidential bedbug inspections using certified, expert K-9 detection teams

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Find Out Where These Blood Sucking Pests Hide In Your Office

Look in cracks and crevices, especially around chairs, where the carpet meets the baseboards, and behind electrical outlets. Pay extra attention to employee break rooms, lounges, and other areas with plush furniture where people congregate.

Office with blackboard

Cracks and crevices


Carpets & Padding

Behind Electrical Outlets

Walls & Ceilings


The Sofa in Employees Break Room

Find Out Where These Blood Sucking Pests Hide In Your House

Bed bugs are tiny, round, reddish brown insects that are difficult to find and even more difficult to eliminate. They breed quickly, feed on you while you sleep, and leave painful itchy bites all over the body.


Your Curtains

Your Furniture

Your Carpets & Padding

Your Mattress and Bedding

Your Walls & Ceilings

Your Closets & Drawers

Why Choose Seek K-9 Detection Group?


We are Accurate

Studies show that human inspection accuracy is 33%. Canine inspection accuracy is 97%. Dogs can even find bed bugs inside furniture, behind baseboards and walls and other places where people could never see. Our technicians verify all finds personally.


We are Fast

We can complete inspections in minutes vs hours taken for human inspections. We get in and out before the human inspectors can complete 1 room.


We are Professionals

We are committed to helping you protect your Image and reputation. We are discreet and confidential.

Reduce the costs of treating a severe infestation by early detection.

Our Teams

Our K-9 teams go through extensive training at the best bed bug canine detection training centers in the USA. When you engage with Seek K-9 Detection Group, you get the highest quality, confidential, and independent K-9 detection. Our canines begin their training as puppies and are trained to locate only live bedbugs and viable eggs, quickly and efficiently. We offer fast, quality, discreet bedbug detection services.





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Independent Operators

Think about it, if you hire a pest control company to inspect your property, it is in their best interest to find something to treat. We are an independent bed bug inspection company, not a pest management company. We have no vested interest in finding bed bugs at your home or business. There is no extra work for us should we find an infestation at your location. The only thing we are motivated to do is support our customers as accurately, professionally and discretely as possible.

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