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Private Dog Training Programs

Train one on one with a professional trainer

Learn Skills Alongside Your Dog

If you're seeking to build a stronger, more enhanced relationship with your dog and prefer to be more hands on in the process, then private training programs are the perfect solution. Our professional dog trainers will work with you to develop a personalized plan to meet you and your pup's goals.

This program includes the training that your dog needs regarding specific commands, obedience, socialization, training to prevent bad habits, and behavior modification. Each training session is one hour long and will be scheduled according to your availability. We give you the skills and guidance you need to be able to communicate with and teach your dog!

What Can I Teach My Dog?

Your dog will go into a sit and stay in their sit even when we move away from them

Your dog will lie down and stay in the down position even when we move away from them

Your dog will walk next to you by your side and will not pull on the leash

Your dog will walk in a close tactical heel on the side of your choice and will automatically sit when you come to a halt

Your dog will come to you when called and go into a sit at your feet

Your dog will go to an elevated surface such as a bed or piece of furniture and stay on that object until released

Your dog will disengage or "leave" whatever item it is showing interest in

Your dog will enter the kennel on command and will only exit when released even after the kennel door is opened

Your dog will sit at the door and will only proceed through the threshold once released

We will work with your dog to help them relax and be calm while you are away or they are in the kennel

We can work with your dog to manage or extinguish their aggression levels towards people or dogs

Teach your dog not to growl, bark, or chase things such as people, dogs, cars etc.

We will help you teach your dog how to be quiet and eliminate nuisance barking

We will work with your dog when they display aggression with food or other resources in the presence of other humans or dogs

We will help you potty train your dog and eliminate in home accidents

We will work to teach your dog not to jump on others and how to greet people properly

We will work to teach your dog not to mouth, bite, or chew on us or others

We will help you eliminate your dog's digging habits in your yard or other areas

Private Dog Training Lesson Packages

  • 4 Sessions

  • 8 Sessions

  • 12 Sessions

4 Sessions - $399 (Approximately 1-2 Desired Behaviors)

8 Sessions - $699 (Approximately 3-4 Desired Behaviors)

12 Sessions - $999 (Approximately 5-6 Desired Behaviors)

In-Home Private Training

4 Sessions - $499 (Approximately 1-2 Desired Behaviors)

8 Sessions - $799 (Approximately 3-4 Desired Behaviors)

12 Sessions - $1099 (Approximately 5-6 Desired Behaviors)

+$40 travel fee per lesson for residences over 30 minutes away

Private Puppy Training

We offer four 1-hour lessons to pups up to 9 months of age. During these 4 sessions of private lessons, we’ll cover a variety of standard puppy subjects to help get you and your pup off on the right paw.

Standard programs include four basic obedience behaviors (sit or down, heel, place, and recall), grooming manners, and potty training. In addition to helping with basic obedience, this course seeks to prevent predictable puppy problems and break puppy habits like mouthing, jumping, resource guarding, and chewing. We also will provide tips and plans for proper socialization with other dogs and people!

Price - $399


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