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Seek K-9's Dog Training team has years of experience working with thousands of dogs and every breed imaginable. We are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and our experience spans from all levels of obedience and behavior modification to high level working K-9s. There is no breed or age of pup we cannot train or work with. Our trainers have certifications from academies such as Tom Rose School, NePoPo School, and Michael Ellis Professional School





Ulysses is a nationally recognized professional dog trainer, previously training for one of the top dog training academy’s in the midwest, KC Dawgz, in Kansas City as the lead trainer. During his time there he also became the director of training and oversaw thousands of dogs, clients, and training programs. He ran the apprenticeship program for over a year and trained 8 new dog trainers under him. Ulysses was also the lead group instructor and has ran over a hundred group classes and seminars about puppy training and dog theory. With vast experience in behavior modification for aggressive dogs and years of dog training experience, Ulysses is now the head trainer for Seek K9 Dog Training Academy. Also having his CPDT-KA certification and a registered AKC Evaluator, he seeks to make his claim in the vast field of canine training. He now primarily focuses his training on canine odor detection and was a previous handler and trainer for bed bug K-9 scent detection, and is currently expanding knowledge into other odors such as narcotics and explosives. With years of behavioral theory and dog behavior training, he is also working on getting his Certified Behavior Consultant Canine certification (CBCC-KA). Most notably, Ulysses apprenticed under Michael Sligh, one of the top dog trainers in the United States.

Orion has been around dogs his entire life, working several years as a kennel attendant in a dog daycare. He quickly developed a passion for working with all animals and more specifically dogs. During his time as a daycare attendant, he began looking into the world of dog training in his spare time and began working with his own dog Rocky. After getting his degree in Behavioral Psychology in Chicago, he wanted to apply this to dogs and further develop his training skills. Orion then completed the Tom Rose School of Dog Training to become even more advanced in technique, theory, and application. As his skills developed over the years he began to take on even the most advanced behavioral modification training; working with hundreds of dogs and owners over the years. He is currently in the process of getting his CPDT-KA certification and is beginning to learn the basics of bite work and protection training.

Why Choose Seek K-9 Dog Training Academy?


We Care

Health and proper care is always our number one priority. We do our best to ensure every dog is comfortable and ENJOYS training. Every program isn't always a perfect fit for every dog, and that's okay! If you or your dog are not satisfied with the program, we always offer full refunds or a program switch at no additional cost


We are Affordable

We understand that dogs are our family members too. That's why we offer affordable options to make sure there is a program for every owner's budget


We are Professionals

We are committed to helping you get the training you need to live a better lifestyle with you and your dog. We use very advanced dog behavioral theory and techniques to deliver the highest quality training

Improve your lifestyle and relationship with your furry friend today!

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