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Benefits of Hiring A Certified Dog Behaviorist

While living in a post pandemic world, we begin to see an increase in anxiety and behavioral problems in dogs due to a lack of socializing, exposure, and time. Having a well behaved dog is very important for building a positive relationship in the home and family. When your dog begins to display behavioral issues it makes daily life such as walks very stressful on both dog and owner. At Seek K-9 Dog Training Academy we have a team of dog behaviorists that can provide professional guidance for any behavioral issue your dog may be displaying.

Our expert staff of behaviorists at Seek have a wealth of knowledge and experience to better understand your dogs’ body language, mentality, and overall behavior. Every dog is different and this means there is no one concrete method that will work for every dog. Only from working with various breeds, temperaments, and background over the years can one truly make an accurate assessment of a canine's behavioral issue and more importantly, create a custom training plan for that individual dog. Whether it be aggression, reactivity, leash pulling, or separation anxiety, dog behaviorists adapt their style and provide strategies to effectively modify behavior in your dog.

Assessing the root cause of the behavior is very important and at Seek Dog Training in Arlington Heights, IL our staff will do a thorough assessment of the behavioral issue and design a personalized training plan based on the specific needs and goals of the owner and dog. Our dog behaviorists will also educate the family on dog psychology, communication, and body language so that the family can understand how to continue to progress their dog and make long term improvements that will last for the rest of their dogs’ life. By empowering the family with this knowledge it will allow for them to create a more positive and structured environment where their dog can be happy, healthy, and successful.

Most behavioral issues that require a dog behaviorist usually stem from some form of anxiety. Whether it be excessive barking, reactive or aggressive behavior, or even just chewing and biting, all of these behaviors stem from anxiety in the dog. That’s why we at Seek believe that using positive reinforcement techniques in the long run will overpower that anxiety and create more positive associations with stimuli that make your dog anxious. You can read tons online about positive reinforcement techniques for these issues but it comes down to the details and adaptability that make them successful or not and that is dependent on the needs of the specific dog. Hiring a dog behaviorist can help rule out the guessing game so we can make the right changes and get right to the issue.

By enrolling in a training program at Seek Dog Training Academy in Arlington Heights, IL you will get the certified, professional help of a dog behaviorist. Their expertise, customized programs, family involvement, and focus on long-term results provide invaluable support for addressing behavioral issues and fostering a well-behaved and balanced canine companion. Embrace the benefits of working with a dog behaviorist, and watch your furry friend thrive! Your journey begins here

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