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Reasons Why Playtime Is Important For Your Dog

Dogs are energetic creatures. They are always looking for someone to play with and can’t get enough of their playtime. Be it jumping over obstacles, fetching a ball, or chasing a squirrel to its home, dogs are ever-lively, bounding across the open lawn, full of life.

This is why dogs are considered such fun company. If you’re a dog parent, you might be able to relate. There’s never a dull moment with your dog. But playtime for dogs isn’t just fun and games. It is actually very, very important for their physical and emotional well-being. If you are considering adopting a dog, make sure you take out the time to play with him regularly.

Physical Health
Dogs require walks and playtimes to keep them physically in shape. Dogs, especially the big breeds, have a lot of energy that they need to dispel. It keeps their joints healthy, their muscles strong, and their heart happy. It also helps dogs learn and manage their coordination and balance.

Emotional and Mental Health
Physical exercise also doubles up as a form of dog training and makes your dog feel happy due to the release of happy hormones when he’s playing with his favorite people. It also encourages him to use his mind to figure out the rules of the games you play with him, keeping his mind sharp and attentive. The mental stimulation helps him stay alert and curious.

Social Skills
Dogs love socializing! Meeting, cuddling, and playing with humans is their favorite thing in the world. So while you and your dog enjoy a good playtime, your dog is also learning how to behave around other humans. You can take this time to teach him not to jump on people and how to contain his excitement while meeting and playing with other people.

Playing with your dog is the perfect opportunity to get you two to bond together. If you have gotten a new dog, paying with him is the surest way of getting him to feel comfortable around, to start trusting you and fall in love with you! Take out the time to play with him, treat him, and have fun together, and in no time, you two will be inseparable.

Dog Training Time
Your dog’s playtime could also become your dog training time. Playtime is the best opportunity to train your dog! Teach him basic commands like sit, fetch, run, and jump. You can move on to more complex instruction once you have mastered the basics. You can teach him not to nip when excited, and teach him fun tricks like shaking hands, and balancing on two legs. Not only will he be learning, but he will also be having the time of his life while doing so!

If you can’t find the time to train and play with your dogs, let us take them off your hands for a few hours and do the job for you. We have professional dog trainers, and we offer private dog training as well as group dog training programs at Seek K-9!


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