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Treating Behavioral Problems In Dogs

Almost all dogs have specific behavior problems at some point in life. Even the most trained dogs who are otherwise at their best may sometimes exhibit bad behavior. But if this is a persistent concern with your dog, then maybe it’s time to train your pet.

Treating behavior problems in dogs is almost impossible unless you know about the underlying cause of bad behavior. Once you know the reason, it becomes easier to deal with the problem. Lets’ take a look at some of the common behavior problems in dogs and how to treat them.

Barking comes naturally to dogs. It is a way to vocalize and express themselves. But excessive barking is a behavioral concern and your dog may need training to treat it.

Before we get into correcting this behavior, first understand why dogs bark excessively.

▪ Anxiety
▪ Boredom
▪ Fear
▪ To give a warning

Surprisingly, you can control excessive barking but training your dog with specific quiet commands. Make sure you are consistent in your practice. At the same time, you need to address the underlying cause of the behavior. Don’t forget to provide adequate interactive opportunities to your dog to keep them busy even when you are away.

If your dog barks at specific things such as dogs, people, or noises, then increasing exposure to these stimuli will desensitize them to what they are barking at. A proper socialization routine such as dog friendly stores, dog parks, and meeting people on walks are great ways to reduce barking at specific things. The more you expose your dog to these, the less fear or anxiety they will feel, thus leading to an overall reduction in barking.

Again biting and chewing come naturally to dogs. Pupping chew and nip as they are teething and are exploring things around them. While the first few bites might seem cute and enjoyable, this is a habit that most dog owners dread.

Apart from the instinct, puppies and dogs can bite out of fear, as a response action or when they are in pain.

One way to control biting is by teaching bite inhibition to your dog. This means providing dog training on how forcefully they should bite. Another possible solution is to provide chew toys to your dog. Chew toys may help them satisfy their instinctive behavior. At the same time, it can help keep you and your family safe from dog bites.

Dogs are aggressive! And this can be dangerous. Dogs tend to be more aggressive when they sense danger around them, but they can also be aggressive for no apparent reason. If you notice an aggressive tendency in your pet, you need to seek the help of a professional trainer so that you and your family are safe with your pet. Dog training is an absolute essential in this behavior problem.

There are many other behavioral problems in dogs, including digging, begging, or jumping up, but luckily almost all of them can be treated with love, patience, and dog training. But while you are training your dog, remember that it is an individual. So not all tried and tested techniques may work with your dog. Find solutions online, support from other dog owners, and explore other sources. Even then, if you are experiencing difficulty in handling the behavioral problems of your dog, don’t worry.

At Seek, we can handle and train all types of dogs. All you need to do is to enroll your dog in the most suitable program while you can sit back and relax. We also closely work with dog parents so that you can too reinforce what we teach. To book a slot for your dog, call now at 913-214-2659.

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